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Coordinator Retreat

Our annual retreat for McGaw Program Coordinators is a welcome opportunity for us all to gather together and share information.  The retreat will include information sessions and presentations related a variety of GME program management topics. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have questions.  We are Team GME!

2019 Program Coordinators' Retreat Materials

Nancy Parlapiano
McGaw - GME Overview & New Info

Ashti A. Doobay-Persaud, MD & Shannon R. Galvin, MD
External Elective International Rotations

Jenny Lee
New Innovations

Valerie Rodriguez

Brenda Vera
Licensing & Visas

Mel Handy
Residency Overview

Martha Collier
Fellowship Overview

Tyler Roth
Housing Resources for Trainees

Coordinator Communications

Beyond the retreat, McGaw-GME (in conjunction with Northwestern Memorial HealthCare Academic Affairs) is creating more informational and developmental sessions and avenues for communication with Coordinators in the coming academic year.  Stay tuned for more information and contact us with your suggestions.

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