McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University

Increase in Complement Checklist

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office is involved in most changes you make to your program. Joshua L. Goldstein, MD, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Vice President for Academic Affairs, is the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) at McGaw and plays a significant role in your program’s increase in complement. Following outlines the required steps of this action.

Please contact us with questions or to begin the process.

Phase One

  • Discuss with DIO the best plan for Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) request (Temporary, Permanent, or both)
  • Program submits to DIO and to funding partners (e.g., members of the Consortium) an academic and institutional rationale for increase (due December 2)
  • Program submits WebADS request for RRC approval of increase request (may need two if asking for temporary followed by permanent)

Phase Two

  • The Graduate Medical Education Committee reviews application based on educational rationale
  • Funding partners review funding request

Phase Three

  • Once both ACGME and funding approval have been granted, the DIO will approve request in WebADS and it will be forwarded to ACGME - Residency Review Committee for review
  • Once granted RRC approval, program and GME office should request and approve NRMP increase for match complement where appropriate