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New Director Resources

Congratulations on being named a Program Director. You have been entrusted with one of the most important educational leadership positions at Northwestern. We hope you find the experience rewarding.

New Director Orientation

We strongly encourage you to call the Graduate Medical Education office at 312-503-7975 to schedule a meeting with Joshua Goldstein, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Designated Institutional Official, and Valerie Rodriguez, our ACGME coordinator, to orient you to McGaw.

Related Organizations

As a Program Director, you will frequently interact with internal and external partners in Graduate Medical Education. Learn more about your responsibilities in these relationships below.

  • You and the ACGME
    Find information about your responsibilities to the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education
  • You and the GME
    Learn about how you will interact with our office
  • You and the GMEC
    Understand your role with the Graduate Medical Education Committee at McGaw

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