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You and the Graduate Medical Education Office

You have numerous administrative obligations to your trainees. Although some of these obligations may be delegated to your program coordinator or administrator, the ultimate responsibility lies with you. These obligations include:

  • Filing appointment/stipend forms with the Graduate Medical Education office for new trainees.
  • Responding to requests for information regarding program organization, including rotation schedules.
  • Notifying the Graduate Medical Education office for changes in rotation schedules, which have implications for which institution is billed for trainees stipends.
  • Notifying the Graduate Medical Education office for a change in status of a trainee, including sick leave, maternity leave, other leaves of absence, extension of training for any reason.
  • Carrying out due process in disciplinary actions (see separate topic on this program director’s web).
  • Filing reappointments (requires your original signature).
  • Filling out credentialing forms for ex-residents/fellows, even when you do not know or remember these trainees.
  • Ensuring that all interviewees for training positions are referred to the stipend page so they may be familiar with anticipated stipends and benefits.
  • Being familiar with all Graduate Medical Education policies:

The Graduate Medical Education office staff will be happy to assist you or your coordinator/administrator with any of these tasks.

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