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Trainee Perspectives

The following are statements shared by current McGaw residents and fellows who identify as historically underrepresented. 

Why McGaw?

  • “Amazing, warm and welcoming group of residents and faculty”
  • “Sense of camaraderie among the residents observed on interview day”
  • “Faculty are very invested in trainees”
  • “The opportunity to train at a top academic medical center”
  • “Access to diverse patient populations and world-renowned research facilities”
  • “Research opportunities are unparalleled”
  • “Work alongside and learn from many of the world’s most renowned physicians”

What to Expect

  • “The patient population accurately reflects Chicago”
  • “Patients come from from every socioeconomic class, urban, rural and educational level”
  • "Encounter different languages and ethnicities"
  • “We work with patients all across the spectrum— from wealthy to homeless”
  • "We see many patients who are uninsured and under- insured"
  • "We care for patients from diverse cultural backgrounds"

How are you involved outside of training?

  • “Recruiting underrepresented minority residents and fellows”
  • “Clinical Scholars Program”
  • “Mentoring programs and/or organizations”
  • “Attend Diversity and Inclusion sponsored events and/or lectures”
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