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As an association of affiliated urban, suburban, specialized, and general hospitals and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University offers an unparalleled graduate medical education experience in more than 100 specialty and subspecialty training programs.

The member hospitals of the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, with a total capacity of more than 2,200 beds, are recognized for excellence in providing high-quality patient care.

Member Institutions and Affiliates

The McGaw Medical Center’s consortium offers a greater range of clinical and research experiences than individual teaching hospitals can provide. The member institutions and affiliates provide a rich diversity of settings, patient populations, and general and specialty care experiences.

McGaw is home to one of the limited number of training programs in the country that is located in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and affiliated with a university. FQHCs help meet the healthcare needs of underserved communities, and maintain an open-door policy of providing treatment regardless of a patient’s income or insurance coverage.

Learn more about our members via their websites.

Member Institutions

Clinical Affiliates

Member Responsibilities

Each institutional member of McGaw is an independent entity and maintains sole management of and control over its own funds, properties, operations, and affairs. At the same time, each member has dedicated itself to the purposes of the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University and affirms its obligations thereof. These obligations include:

  • Provision of a supportive educational environment based upon state-of-the art educational principles, emphasizing the highest ethical and professional standards from all employees and faculty and providing appropriate opportunity for scholarly endeavor.
  • Routine assessment of program quality, and provision for ongoing quality improvement.
  • The commitment of sufficient personnel and financial resources to support these endeavors.

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