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Start New Program

McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University supports your interest in developing new programs that meet the demands of your specialty or field. The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) must approve all program applications.

ACGME New Programs Submission

Refer to the Program Application Information

Non-Standard Programs

Non-Accredited McGaw Fellowship (NAMF) and Advanced Specialty Training Program (ASTP)

The GMEC must review and approve all non-accredited programs. The GMEC reviews ASTP programs solely to ensure that they do not negatively impact McGaw training programs.


The NAMF fellow has a fellowship appointment with McGaw and their position comes with the rights and responsibilities of McGaw housestaff.

ASTP fellows’ benefits, salary, hours and certification is reliant on the originating program department. They are appointed as co-terminus faculty in their department. ASTP program applications are reviewed to ensure that the program will not negatively impact McGaw trainees. ASTP fellows are not appointed to McGaw. These programs are not considered McGaw fellowships, and McGaw does not oversee their educational environment, administrative processes or other aspects of the program. Graduates will not receive a McGaw diploma.

New Program

To start a new non-standard program, the following items need to be submitted to Nancy Parlapiano at the McGaw graduate medical education office (420 E. Superior St., Suite 9-900, Chicago, Illinois 60611) by January 1 for the upcoming academic year:

  • McGaw's Non-Standard Fellowship Application with signatures
  • Supervision policy specific to proposed fellowship (no general departmental policies)
  • Letter of funding guaranteeing support of stipend, benefits and administration fees for PGY-level(s) of fellowship
Note: All programs must adhere to the Guidelines for New NAMF and ASTP Non-standard Fellowship Program Application.

Re-approval of Program

All fellowships have been categorized as either NAMF or ASTP must institute a system of ongoing re-approval. This is designed to be as minimally burdensome as possible while still maintaining the highest goals of educational quality. The GME office will begin notifying individual programs about re-approval. Programs will have six weeks to provide the requested information for subcommittee review, including the Re-Approval of a Current NAMF Program Application. All of the subcommittee’s decisions will be taken to the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) for final action.

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