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Emotional Wellness

Graduate medical training often requires long hours of mentally and physically rigorous work that can be emotionally draining and stressful. McGaw understands and wants to prepare our housestaff for continued success and health throughout their training.

While this is an exciting time, as physicians-in-training you are vulnerable to mood disorders, anxiety, and substance use problems which can derail professional development and personal fulfillment. Please review this slide set to learn more about the signs of burnout, depression, and substance abuse.

Following are resources that McGaw supports or has curated for housestaff to help optimize emotional health.

McGaw Wellness Program

McGaw’s Wellness Program is available to McGaw residents and fellows for any wellness or mental health concerns at no cost. The Program is offered to triage issues and refer trainees for counseling or medical treatment as needed.

Any trainee contact with the Program will remain confidential and will not be communicated with the program, faculty, or institution, except in cases of imminent harm. Contact at or (312) 477-2109.

Perspectives: Housestaff Assistance Program

The Housestaff Assistance Program is a free service which provides confidential, professional help for housestaff and their family members who need assistance with personal problems. Housestaff are provided evaluation, counseling, and referral for a range of problems including workplace issues, family and marital discord, emotional problems, substance abuse, legal and financial problems, elder and child care, and other personal and professional concerns. If referral to a treatment program is made, insurance coverage will be considered. More info here.

Housestaff can receive up to three free counseling sessions without the use of medical insurance. In addition, with referral from Perspectives, housestaff may receive a half hour of legal advice and discounted rates on future visits.

Counselors are available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide counseling or assist with appropriate resources by calling or texting 800-456-6327.

This program handles cases in a strictly confidential manner. Neither the Program Director nor McGaw Graduate Medical Education is notified if housestaff call or use the services

Perspectives Online provides convenient and confidential online access to a vast and continually refreshed library of articles, self-guided assessments, links, calculators, information, and resources on emotional well-being, family and caregiving, and more. To access these tools, go to and sign in using the following information.

  • User Name: MCG501
  • Password: perspectives

We strongly urge you to be mindful about your health and well-being throughout your training.

Mental Health and Wellness Services

Mental healthcare and marriage counseling is covered by the trainees' BC/BS-IL health insurance. The following in-network psychiatry providers are willing to see trainees for expedited treatment.

Additional Resources

Adult ADHD

Anxiety and Depression

Eating Disorders

Family Support

Self-Compassion Guided Meditations and Exercises

Sleep Wellness

  • NU Sleep Health Centers
  • Because those in-training can face challenges in their pursuit of good quality sleep on a consistent basis, you will find an educational session on sleep health for housestaff “Sleep and Circadian Health: Residency and Beyond” by Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD.  The recording is available online to all McGaw housestaff (NU NetID credentials required for login).


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