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McGaw Housestaff Association

The McGaw Housestaff Association is a group of housestaff representing each educational program within McGaw for the purpose of communicating with the administration. Issues are addressed at forum meetings (held six to eight times per year).  McGaw Housestaff Association leadership then brings appropriate issues to the Graduate Medical Education Committee, of which they are members.

HSA representatives for each McGaw educational program are delegated, but any resident or fellow may attend meetings and/or contact McGaw Housestaff Association leadership to bring forth ideas or concerns.  

Upcoming Meetings

  • April 7, 2021
  • June 3, 2021

HSA Executive Board

  • Matt Maksimoski, MD (Otolaryngology) - HSA Co-President 
  • Matt Snyder, MD (Surgery) - HSA Co-President
  • Amishi Bajaj, MD (Radiation Oncology) - HSA Vice President
  • Katy Altonji, MD (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) - HSA Secretary
  • Jeremy Lai, MD, MBA (Urology) - HSA Treasurer

HSA Wellness Committee

  • Chloe Renshaw, MD (Emergency Medicine) - HSA Wellness Co-Chair
  • Lauren Woo, MD (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) - HSA Wellness Co-Chair
  • Claire Harrington, MD (Internal Medicine) - HSA Wellness Co-Chair

HSA Education Committee

  • Matt Hudnall, MD, MPH (Urology) - HSA Education Co-Chair
  • Zach Hughes, MD (Internal Medicine) - HSA Education Co-Chair
  • Ellie Farr, MD (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) - HSA Education Co-Chair

HSA Advocacy Committee

  • Audra Reiter, MD, MPH (General Surgery) - HSA Advocacy Co-Chair
  • June Choo, MD (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) - HSA Advocacy Co-Chair
  • Brittney Nowicki, DO (Family Medicine) - HSA Advocacy Co-Chair

Community Outreach

  • Vytas Karalius, MD, MPH (Emergency Medicine) - Chair

To contact HSA, please send e-mail to:

Northwestern McGaw Underrepresented Residents and Fellows Forum

Housestaff also work and communicate with the administration through the Northwestern McGaw Underrepresented Residents and Fellows Forum (NMURFF), an interdepartmental group of residents and fellows focused on fostering an environment where all trainees thrive.

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